France24’s tech news presenter, Rebecca Bowring, sold computer software to fund her travels around the world. Born into a tech-savvy family, she speaks fluent geek despite an arty background. Rebecca has a degree in English and European Literature from Warwick University and finished her masters an expert in Caribbean carnival. An amateur drum ‘n’ bass DJ, she cut her journalistic teeth in radio and sharpened them at Sky News before hopping across the channel to join the France 24 team. Her blog mixes life as a technophile in Paris with digital developments in emerging markets. You can follow Rebecca on Facebook at and on Twitter @rbowringjourno.

Head in the Sandbox

Dive into a world of extraordinary ideas. Sandbox is a community of innovators and entrepreneurs, where everyone’s aged under thirty. When it comes to vision, the sky’s the limit. What’s more, they all rather like each other.

CES: still a safe bet?

Rebecca Bowring reports from Las Vegas on whether the Consumer Electronics Show, the world's largest tech conference, remains a winning formula for product-makers.

2011: The Year in Tech

Rebecca Bowring takes a look back over a fast-changing year in one of the planet's most dynamic sectors.

"Enlighten us, but make it quick:" an evening at Ignite, Paris

The French capital is bristling with initiatives to get techy types connected and sharing their ideas. I went along to one such event, Ignite, a concept imported from the US. But beware, when your five minutes is up, that's it!

"iSad": Apple fans in Paris mourn the passing of Steve Jobs

His battle with cancer was well-known, yet his death at 56 came as a shock to many. Steve Jobs devotees have gathered at Apple stores in Paris to pay their respects to the tech giant's visionary - and firebrand - co-founder.

Geek culture at Paris's La Nuit Blanche: an EXCLUSIVE clip

Technology and culture collide at the tenth edition of La Nuit Blanche, a contemporary art festival after dark where the streets of Paris are transformed into a gallery.

When is an iPhone not an iPhone? When it's a severed hand...

Scared someone's going to pinch your iPhone? The Tech Files looks at ingenious ways to hide a handset.

Don't do it! Why a web blackout is not the answer to avoiding more riots

The British government is considering restrictions on social media after services like Twitter and BBM were used to organise riots. The policy smacks of authoritarianism, is impossible to implement, and makes David Cameron look like a Luddite.

The Yallah Film Festival: Tech 24 talks to organiser Bruno Smadja

The Paris-based Yallah Film Festival is unique. It celebrates the creativity of Arab Spring activists through short movies, many of them shot by mobile phone. Tech 24 talks to the man behind the project, Bruno Smadja.

Sony: the comeback?

Sony used to be the golden boy of Japanese electronics. Until April, when it was crushed by a wave of hack attacks. With profits slumping, can Sony bounce back, or is its reputation forever stuck in the mud? A visit to the Tokyo showroom reveals more

Record Labels v. Web Pirates - Tech 24 talks to a music producer about a very 21st century battle

Beyoncé's new album was leaked online three weeks before its release date. Web piracy is the scourge of the record industry in the internet age. But the net has done as much good as harm, propelling unknowns like Justin Bieber to instant fame.

Creeping censorship? Despite tech giants' calls not to regulate, France bleeps out Facebook and Twitter on the airwaves.

Tech giants' warnings against regulation at the trail-blazing e-G8 forum have not swayed the French government's tough stance on web control. France moves towards blotting out Facebook and Twitter on TV and radio to limit "hidden advertising."

Second Life (after death) - Tech 24 talks religion, faith apps and video gaming with Rachel Wagner

The battle of good versus evil, shooting aliens in churches, and quasi-Messianic figures. Tech 24 tackles the topic of religion and video gaming with Rachel Wagner, academic and author of "Godwired: Religion, Ritual and Virtual Reality."

Exploding rooftops and why the "Twitter Moment" is set to endure

On May 5th, a gas canister blew up in Paris’s 15th arrondissement. It was no earth-shattering event in itself, but web-users’ response to the explosion emphasised the growing power of Twitter, a power the news business ought to turn to its advantage.