Second Life (after death) - Tech 24 talks religion, faith apps and video gaming with Rachel Wagner


It seems faith apps for smartphones and tablets are winning new converts in just about every congregation. Whether it be a Meccalocator to help Muslims with their daily prayers, the Buddha Box for guided meditation, or the iMenorah, which lets Jews light candles at the touch of a screen, there is something out there for followers of all the world religions.


Spirituality has also found its way on to our Xboxes and Sony Playstations.  Most role-playing fantasy games touch on one of the same themes as all religious texts - the battle of good versus evil.  Controversially, video games often use places of worship as backdrops for violent action.


Rachel Wagner is Assistant Professor of Religion at Ithaca College, New York, and the author of Godwired: Religion, Ritual and Virtual Reality.


She talks to Tech 24 about how faith apps shape belief in the twenty first century, video games as rituals, and how virtual sacred spaces haven't gone down well with some in religious communities.




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